Membership in the Boat Club is through application only.  The current one-time application fee is $4,000.  Members pay monthly dues to maintain our facilities (fishing, swimming and boat docks), garbage collection and water.  

   Only individual or married couple owners of improvements on lettered and numbered lots may become Regular Members. "Improvements" shall mean single family dwellings.

   All purchases are improvements only.  The club maintains the rights to the land.  

   Dual Memberships are allowed for adult children and mothers and fathers of Regular Members who wish to share their dwelling.  Dual Members pay the same application fee and monthly dues.  

   Regular Members who no longer own improvements may become Non-Property Members.  Monthly dues still apply.  

   All new applicants shall be required to undergo a background check performed by a qualified third party company of the club's choice.  The current cost is $27.00 for one person and $54.00 for two, payable in advance and is non-refundable.  Personal checks for the total amount (application and background check) are accepted.

   Applications for membership are presented to the Board of Directors at their regular monthly meeting.  Refer to the monthly meeting schedule for the next meeting.

buying and selling improvements!


Forms & Details

Club ByLaws & Standing Rules  (rev May 2018)

Membership Application

(Form #01)

Consent Form (Form #02)

(for background check)

  Negotiations are between the buyer and seller and applications presented to the Board of Directors are contingent on the subsequent closing (i.e., delivery to Applicant(s) of executed bill of sale from seller with copy to the Board) of purchase by Applicant(s) of improvements on lot herein described.  All dues must be current and paid of current member/owner of the lot at the time of sale.  Purchase will not include title to the lot.

  In the event the application is not approved, no cause shall be stated or obtainable by Applicant(s) and the Initiation Fee received by the Gainesville Boat Club shall be returned to Applicant(s) less the background fees.